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  Manufacturers & Exporters of Professional Hand Tools - Claw Hammer, Ball Pein Hammer, Cross Pein Hammer, Machinist Hammer, Pin Hammer, Pipe Wrench Stillson Type, CRV Combination Plier, Tubular Hacksaw Frame, Fixed Hacksaw Frame Mini Poland Type, Try Square, Cobbler Pincer, Jack Plane, Axe, Drop Forged Chisels, Cold Flat Chisels, Craw Hammer Drop Forged, Club Hammer Drop Forged (D-Type), G-Clamp, Bill Hook Leather Grip, Bill Hook Double Wedge, Axe Bill Hook Wooden Grip, Axe Bill Hook Leather Grip, Hedge Shear Regular, Hedge Shear Economy, Hedge Shear Regular, Hedge Shear Super, Long Knife, Sugarcane Knife, Meat Chopper, Fruit Picker, Flower Cutter, Pruning Snip, Fire Shovel, Camp Axe, Grape Cutter, Looping Shear & more.  

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Pipe Wrench

Combinations Pliers

Hacksaw Frames


Quality Mark - Director Of Industries, Punjab Govt.



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About Us



We take pride in introducing ourselves as a one of the leading manufacturers & exporters of SATYAM® Brand world class professional hand tool products. Through our advanced infrastructure, management skills & quality products, we have been able to facilitate the requirements of various clients in India & Overseas Markets.


Our growth in the industry is a result of our obsession with meeting customers needs on a sustained basis. Our reach is the vindication of the commitment and reliability we provide to our customers.



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